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In 4th Grade, scouts enter the two-year-long WeBeLoS (We’ll Be Loyal Scouts) program and work towards earning the Webelos Badge. The following year, these scouts will complete the Arrow of Light award. Being some of the older Scouts in the pack, Webelos carry the responsibility of being good role models to younger Cub Scouts.

During the year, we will complete each of the five required adventures

  • Cast Iron Chef is great for weekend events because of the fire-building activity.  Nutritional goals and planning a menu can be done at home, as can preparing a meal and showing food safety practices.
  • Duty to God and You will often be an at-home because faith beliefs in Scouting are determined by the family and everyone’s duty is different.
  • First Responder covers basic first aid and emergency preparedness.  This isn’t one to “short cut”, but it is one to “seek help” on, by finding a family member in the medical world and/or seeking out a school nurse or someone who can assist with this.
  • Stronger, Faster, Higher covers fitness, and exercise. It involves running and jumping and sports and has lots of activity, so it won’t be a test to keep the Scout’s attention.  But it could also be done as a weekend activity, especially because part of it involves leading younger Scouts in fitness games.
  • Webelos Walkabout is all about taking a 3-mile hike safely and with fun.  Do all your sessions as hikes, even if just around your meeting location, and get out and about, because there are so many places to hike around town.

Webelos also earn the Cyber Chip award for your age and complete one elective adventure of your den’s or family’s choosing from this list for a total of at least six adventures: AquanautArt ExplosionAware and CareBuild ItCastawayEarth Rocks!EngineerGame DesignInto the WildInto the Woods or Sports

A major goal for Webelos & AOLs is to give the Scouts a taste of what it is like to be a Boy Scout and to get them used to how Boy Scouting is structured. They learn that it is their responsibility to earn their adventures. Webelos help explain what exciting activities await the younger Cubs and help the Cubs during pack activities.

Webelos also take on more responsibility for the running of their den. As they do more things as a den, the emphasis shifts from home-centered activities to group-centered activities similar to those they will encounter in Boy Scouting. This gradual change from being an ‘adult-run’ den prepares them for the ‘boy-run’ patrols in Scouting.

This migration requires the parents and den leaders to give the Scouts more and more control, decision-making power, and responsibility as they progress in skills, abilities, and maturity. Parents and den leaders play a new, more supportive, and less directive role with Webelos.

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