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Arrow of Light

In the Arrow of Light group we have 5th graders that are in their second year of webelos and trying to advance to earn the Arrow of Light.  This award is the highest award in cub scouting and will take us some hard work this year – and well worth it.  This page has some general information about our den and the den operations for the 2010-2011 year.

The boys created their own set of rules and guidelines for meetings and outings.  Here is what they decided on:

  • raise your hand when you want to talk
  • always be polite and respectful
  • work hard to follow directions
  • keep our hands to ourselves – no touching others!

If individuals get out of hand at at meeting, we always go back to their rules.  If we have continued problems with an individual, we will contact you and ask you to be at the meetings with your son.  Remind them how important their rules are to helping them get enough done this year to achieve the Arrow of Light!

We will be focusing on the Family Activity Badge and the Readyman activity badge this fall.  In addition, we will keep brushing up on the Boy Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Handshake and the meaning of the Scout badge.  Finally, we will always ‘be prepared’ to tie the square knot – required for the Arrow of Light!

We will also be putting together a schedule and ask that a parent / guardian of each boy spend a monday with us now and again.  This group is large and we need some assisting in order to get through our meeting each week.  Thanks in advance for all your help – We are really looking forward to this year!

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