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Update: This Saturday 7/23: Pack 502 Summertime event #2!

Over the summer, Pack 502 plans 3 summer time events: one per month in June, July and August.

Our July event is this Saturday at a drive-in movie theater! The Baden Drive is in Albemarle NC and we will be meeting at 5pm sharp.  It is an hour and 15-30 minute drive without traffic (depending on where yu live) so please plan accordingly.

  • Movie selections are Ice Age Collision Cours and The Secret Life of Pets (posted on
  • Please wear Class Bs so people can see we are Scouts: a scout t-shirt and any pair of shorts.
  • There is a concession stand to purchase food as well as a large playground the children can play in until the movies start (you can bring your own snacks).
  • It is CASH ONLY so please plan ahead (there is an ATM there but not sure if it works)

    ADMISSION is per person
    ADULTS:  $7.00
    CHILDREN 6-11:  $4.00


We will meet at 5pm sharp at the Zaxby’s after you get off 485 on the way to the theater (701 Leonard Ave, Albemarle, NC 28001); although this is early, we have been told to get to the theater at least by 5:30pm to get in line to get a spot. If there is not enough room at the drive in they will turn people/cars away (this happened a couple weekends ago).

It will be great to see everyone!

Meet in Hammill Hall tomorrow 6/18 at 9am

Wear Class “A”s and bring snacks to pack for Boys & Girls Club.

Meet at 9am in Hammill Hall.

Bring your own snacks to pack:

– Brown paper bags

– Granola bars (no peanuts)

– Fruit snack packs

– Juice box/pouch

We’ll deliver the snack packs once they are assembled.

This Saturday 6/18: Pack 502 Event!

Over the summer, Pack 502 plans 3 summer time events: one per month in June, July and August.

Our June event is this Saturday!

This Saturday we will be packing snack bags for the Boys & Girls club and then delivering them to their facility.

9am – 10:30 meet at Harrison UMC (room TBD), a room update will be sent via web site Friday.

Please wear your Class “A” uniforms and bring the following items to pack:

– brown paper bags

– granola bars (no peanuts)

– fruit snacks

– juice boxes / pouches

See you there!!

Webelos / Resident Camp Health Forms due tonight 5/23

For Webelos going to resident camp this summer and the parent volunteers: Please remember to bring your completed health forms tonight to Hammill Hall prior to leaving for your ‘Go See it’ activity uptown.

We cannot complete the registration for camp until we hand deliver these forms to council, so it is imperative you provide us with these forms or you will not be allowed to attend camp.

Thank you!

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