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Cub Scouts! Do Your Best! Do Your Best!

Popcorn for Thanksgiving!

Parents: We need your help.

Due to the weather and lack of participation in the Popcorn Sales fundraiser from the overall pack, we have tons of popcorn inventory left over that we need to still sell.

We will be selling the popcorn at cost at tonight’s meeting only! You can either purchase it and serve it to friends and family while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner, or sell it for retail and pocket the profit (to pay for scout dues or holiday shopping, etc).


This will be for tonight only so come with cash, debit, credit or check!


Info about tonight’s meeting 11/9

Tonight we will be meeting in the Harrison Church Sanctuary due to Hammill Hall being in use.

Please bring a copy of your scouts popcorn sales sheet to tonight’s meeting.  This will help us manage the current inventory we  have on hand.

Make a note that this Wednesday (Veteran’s Day) we will have our Popcorn Crunch party from 6:30-8:30pm in Room 101 in the Plummer Building (Bldg. 100).  Food and drinks will be available to munch on while we collect all your order forms and popcorn money.  All sales and associated payment is due at the crunch party, you are responsible for ensuring that all popcorn money adds up to your sales totals.  Please contact Kelly (704-905-3303) to arrange a drop off earlier if you cannot make the crunch party.

Camping trip November 20th!


Bring Popcorn Sales Form tonight!

Bring copies of your popcorn order forms tonight to be entered into a prize drawing for both scout and parent!

Remember all popcorn order forms and money is turned in next Wednesday night 11/11 at our Popcorn Crunch Party – food and drink will be served!

Finish strong!  Get to those goals!  The race is on like Donkey Kong!

Mystery House #1 and #2 are no longer a mystery!

The Mystery House near the Morrison YMCA is no longer a mystery!  Keep looking for houses #3 – #5 for a chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card and ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery!

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