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Toys for Tots

Tuesday 12/03/2019 will be the Pack’s annual “Toys for Tots” toy drive.  We will meet in Hammil Hall (building beside the playground).  We ask each scout to bring an unwrapped toy for less fortunate children.  We also ask parents to bring cookies/brownies/treats (your choice of treat) for a Holiday celebration.  The Pack will be providing Hot Chocolate.  See you Tuesday!

Pack Meeting Pictures

See some of the photos from last Tuesdays Pack Meeting on Facebook. Check out our Facebook page – Pack 502 Pineville NC

Youth Protection & Health Forms

All adults need to take the online Youth Protection.  Please sign on to, Training Tab-Youth Protection.  Once you complete the Youth Protection training please send a copy of the certificate to Eddie at: AESJR55@YAHOO.COM.  The training session will probably take about an hour to complete.  It is a required training for those in scouting.

Also please complete the required health form for anyone going camping.   The link to the required form is on the front page of our website.  Please send a copy of the health forms and your insurance card to Eddie at:  AESJR55@YAHOO.COM.


Need your HELP!!

Recruitment (Pass out flyers and invite potential scouts to 502) is this Tuesday and we still have open slots.  Please give just a short amount of time to this IMPORTANT day!!!

Sign Up Genius:

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